About State School


Maruthi Vidyalaya’s  philosophy promotes both independence and a strong commitment to collective responsibility. These principles lay sound foundations for each individual’s growth and an awareness of the part they play in the school and nation. MV provides a learning environment where all individuals see themselves reflected and feel a sense of belonging.

Statement of Distinction

  • An open, caring and supportive learning community for children and students.
  • An inspiring school where the combination of outstanding teachers and small classes ensures continuing progress for every student.
  • Very distinctive in the Banaswadi , Horamav Agara landscapes with its structured , disciplined & supportive approach.


I. House System

There is a wide range of activities that enhance and enrich the learning environment student leadership opportunities, educational visits, and after school sports, clubs and activities. All children participate in the “House” system which encourages all children, regardless of ability, to participate in a wide range of cross school competition activities.
The “House System” provides a vertical link or connection between all learners and staff for cultural and sporting events. Points are awarded for a range of academic, sporting, cultural achievements and these are tabulated throughout the year for the house point competition.

II. School Clubs and Activities (The Important (and not complete) list of Clubs and activities of MV include (and not limited to))


  • Scouts & guides
  • Karate


  • Painting – Valivetti Painting Competition,ISKCON


  • Bharathnatyam ,Veena,Violin & Mirudangam

External Participation

  • Science Exhibitions
  • Mental Arithmetic workshops

MV offers numerous opportunities including academic, art, music and other activities throughout the school year. The annual musical ( Nadopasana) and cultural & drama programs provide very strong & supportive platforms for the students.

III. Educational Tour

  • Students at MV are known for their creativity, humour, knowledge, skills and ability as well as for their manners, discipline, and responsible approach to learning. Our priority is to ensure that each child receives a comprehensive and engaging education to prepare them for their experiences ahead
  • As part of enrichment MV makes excellent use of the rich cultural opportunities offered in Bangalore & its surroundings. Educational excursions are organised regularly to enhance the learning experiences in the classroom.

Assessment Practice & counseling – CCE

We believe that effective assessment provides information to improve teaching and learning.. Through the principles of Assessment for Learning, we give the children regular feedback on their work so that they understand what to do better. We give parents regular feedback as well on their child’s progress so that teachers are all working together to raise standards for all the children.

Aims and Objectives of assessment in our school are to:

  • Enable our children to demonstrate what they know, understand and can do in their work;
  • Help our children understand what they need to do next to improve their work;
  • Help teachers and children to set achievable targets;
  • Allow teachers to plan work that accurately reflects the needs of their pupils based on the work that they have completed ( the formative use of summative assessment)
  • Provide parents with regular information that enables them to support their child’s learning
  • Provide the principal and management with information that allows them to make judgements about the effectiveness of the school.

 Home-School Partnership

In the spirit of true partnership, all staff members of the school share responsibility with parents for every student’s success. MV will always seek to :

  • Treat all students with respect and care
  • Assist and enable them to succeed
  • Enforce all school rules and policies consistently & fairly

MV hopes that having chosen the school for their children, parents will make every effort to understand the school’s philosophy & mission and do all they can to support the school in its programmes, its rules, and in its practices. All parents are invited to attend open houses as well as information sessions on the academic programmes, local educational opportunities and relevant developmental issues.

Volunteering at MV

MV considers itself very fortunate to have a unique base of parents with vast amount of experiences and perspectives that enrich the school. The expectation is that every family contributes volunteer hours in a way that is appropriate to their time constraints and skill set. This is consistent with the belief that the children benefit most from a school community in which families are involved in the life of the school